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  • 2020
    12 Exceeded 50 franchise stores,
    including Sanggye-dong Seoul Branch and Magok Branch
    6 Signed an agreement on the pest control service with CESCO
    3 Exceeded 35 franchise stores,
    including Seoul #2 Doksan Branch
  • 2019
    9 Exceeded 30 franchise stores,
    including Seoul #1 Sinchon Branch
    5 Switched Kookjae FC Co., Ltd. into the franchise headquarters
    1 Relocated the franchise headquarters office of
    Kookjae FC to the manufacturing plant
  • 2018
    8 Expanded and relocated the food manufacturing plant
    Registered the Kookjae Fried Chicken trademark
    5 Relocated the franchise headquarters office of Kookjae FC
    4 Opened the 20th franchise store,
    including Yeonsan Branch and Jinju Chojeon Branch
    2 Signed a contract for Daegu, Gyeongbuk Office
    1 Signed a contract for Ulsan, Gyeongnam Office
  • 2017
    5 Opened 10 franchise stores in a short time of 4 months
    4 Family Communication
    Founded the franchise headquarters
    Formed of the franchise business division
    Started the franchise business
    and opened Daegu Daebong Branch
  • 2016
    11 Opened Jeonggwan Branch (no. 1 franchise store)
    10 Constructed the food manufacturing plant
    (developed powder, hot pepper sauce, and sweet chili sauce)
  • 2015
    7 Held the franchise business meeting
    3 Opened Bupyeong Head Store (no. 1 store)

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