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Welcome to the Kookjae Fried Chicken website.
We will always do our best.

Kookjae Fried Chicken of the Kookjae Market opened in the Bupyeong Kkangtong Market in 2015 and started its franchise business in early 2017 after gaining a reputation from customers. Kookjae Fried Chicken is cooked by frying fresh raw chicken delivered daily in a cauldron using our know-how and ingredients. Our chicken stays crispy for a long time and captures everyone’s taste with the taste of traditional market chicken.

We use larger chicken than other companies to be served as meals for the whole family. Our chicken is also suitable as a snack for alcoholic beverages. We strive to receive unchanging love from customers by developing new items that follow the trends.

Also, Kookjae Fried Chicken promises to provide all knowledge and assistance for franchisees to manage a successful and continuous business after starting the business with little capital.

Kookjae Fried Chicken will always do the best to satisfy visiting customers and store owners-to-be. Thank you.

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