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Brand Story

“There is no taste stronger than our memories.”
The Bupyeong Kkangtong Market a specialty of the Kookjae Market, which turned into Korea’s first night market. The Kookjae Market was the background location of the film, “Ode to My Father,” and is the largest traditional market in Busan that practically sells everything. The Kookjae Market is crowded by hordes of people on the weekends, and the Chicken Street has maintained tremendous popularity for 40 years. It is so popular that numerous domestic tourists and foreigners from China, Japan, and the United States wait in lines. Among them, Kookjae Fried Chicken cooks fresh raw chicken delivered daily using its unique know-how and ingredients by frying it in a cauldron. Our chicken remains crispy for a long time and captures everyone’s taste with the taste of traditional market chicken.
Savory aroma of cauldron chicken
from childhood
Our childhood memory of walking in the marketplace while holding hands with parents has faded, but the recipe of Kookjae Fried Chicken is enough for us to recall the taste and nostalgia from the good old times. Kookjae Fried Chicken will strive to become a more popular brand by keeping the original taste and developing trendy menus, helping our customers and store owners-to-be cherish their childhood reminiscence.

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