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Opening Cost

Opening Cost

국제통닭 창업항목

구분 내역 비고
가맹비 브랜드 사용 / 상표사용권 / 운영노하우제공  
Education fee Management/service/cooking practice/store operation  
Security deposit Contract deposit (to replace surety insurance) Prepayment of the logistics expense
Signboards Front signboard, side box signboard, wall menu  
Printouts Table menu, flyer coupons, banners, etc.  
Cauldrons Cauldron fryers Two cauldrons in default
Kitchen facility Refrigerator, freezer, table refrigerator, sink, shelves, counter  
Hood/duct Hood, duct Changed according to the kitchen structure
Kitchenware Kitchenware Can be purchased directly
Hall dishware Dishware for the hall
Tables and chairs Five sets of 4-person tables
POS POS machine (wireless credit card device, printer purchased separately) Payment of a monthly fee
Interior KRW 1.1 million per pyeong for wall, ceiling, floor, carpentry, and lighting works

Opening Cost by Type

※Excluding VAT, KRW 10,000
Item A-Type
(To go, delivery)
(To go, hall)
(To go, hall, delivery)
(Mart, department store, shopping mall, etc.)
Franchise deposit 200 200 200 200
Education fee 200 200 200 200
Signboards 180 180 180 80
Printouts 100 100 100 50
Cauldrons 560
Kitchen facility 260 260 260 260
Hood/duct 240 240 240 -
Kitchenware 200 200 200 200
Hall dishware - 100 70 -
Tables and chairs - 150(10set) 75(5set) -
POS Monthly fee of KRW 33,000
Interior Can be constructed by the franchisee
Total 1,940 2,190 2,085 1,550

* Separate items if the interior is entrusted: Demolition, external work, gas extension, gas work, power extension, restroom, etc.
* There is a supervision cost if the interior work is done by the franchisee (KRW 200,000 per pyeong).

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