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Success points of Kookjae Fried Chicken

Our biggest competitive edge is in taste.
Kookjae Fried Chicken uses secret powder made of natural ingredients to quickly fry salt-free raw chicken delivered daily in a cauldron. The chicken boasts crispiness that does not get soggy with time. (Our head office produces powder and sauces using good ingredients to ensure unchanging tastes.)
We have a gourmet image in the Kookjae Market, which is crowded by tourists throughout the year.
Bupyeong Head Store of Kookjae Fried Chicken is well received by tourists from other regions and overseas. This popularity leads to the popularity of franchise stores around the country.
Kookjae Fried Chicken confronts the trend instead of following it.
Many chicken brands come and go unnoticed. Kookjae Fried Chicken comes up with lasting food items that make customers come back for memorable tastes.
Franchise stores can receive fresh food ingredients daily by placing online orders conveniently.
There is no need to keep fresh chickens in the fridge for days. Kookjae Fried Chicken has a daily shipping system to ship fresh raw chicken and any other food ingredients by the next day.
We reduce the burden of starting a business by offering a reasonable price.
The franchise fee and education fee are lower than other companies, and we have removed unnecessary expenses for opening franchise stores by allowing franchisees to change business type and install and purchase some of the interior materials.
Change of business type
You can open a store by changing the business type and only adding necessary facilities to the store (counseling is needed).
Support on business startup loan
We offer an interest-free loan of up to KRW 30 million, depending on the store size.

Kookjae Fried Chicken interior / store exterior

The modern and neat café-like interior with props that have the feeling of the Kookjae Market can attract young and elderly customers who long for the nostalgia of traditional markets!
Store Exterior
Store Exterior
Store Exterior
Store Exterior
Store Exterior
Store Exterior
Store Exterior
Store Exterior
Store Exterior
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